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The origins of ZAVADILKA 2620 PREMIUM WELLNESS explained

In a past few years, we tried to find a place in České Budějovice where we could relax undisturbed in a quiet and private environment. Where we could enjoy the much-deserved rest, be pampered, celebrate an important anniversary or simply enjoy a pleasant evening. And since we have penchant for perfection (this applies mainly to me, the male half of the couple), we hit a wall.  

It seemed impossible to find a place which would amaze us with its ambience as well as services, and were we would not be embarrassed to touch anything. And this also happened when we overlooked the price. We understand that quality and luxury come at a certain price, but we are happy to pay a little extra and indulge ourselves a bit. And when it seemed that we had finally found the right place, the premises formed a part of a larger complex or hotel. Accordingly, the intimacy of the environment and privacy we wanted were non-existent.

We simply decided that we would create our coveted place ourselves. A place where we will go “wow” upon entering it, adding “that’s so amazing”. A place where we will experience uncompromised privacy. A place where we will not have to share a changing room with twenty other strangers, and we will not be afraid to touch the equipment. A place where we will be happy to come back, and which will be the one and only choice of a venue for special events or when escaping the rat race. A place that will leave a positive imprint in our life for at least several days.

We started to plan, think, look for inspiration and set about to the work. I will not bore you with details. In the end, the whole task took us a year and a half, much effort and work. But the result is worth it! We are thrilled and believe that you, our guests, will be too. From the very beginning, we decided to design our wellness centre as private wellness for rent. A place that would satisfy our requirements and those of our friends from whom we drew inspiration on what they could not find anywhere else. 

We have created a unique space where ideally two to four persons - and as many as six persons in specific cases - can pamper their body and soul. A place where everything is tuned up to the last detail. A place where guests experience absolute privacy and can rely on 100% hygiene and cleanliness. A place where you will find a balanced combination for relaxation and are provided the best care possible. 

We believe that you will feel the same and will experience the same joy by visiting our centre at the address ZAVADILKA 2620 PREMIUM WELLNESS, and will love to come back.  

We look forward to your visit!
Mr and Mrs Schwarz

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