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10 reasons why visit our wellness

What makes us different, or how we define the standard in our place

  • Absolute privacy.
    In our wellness centre, you have the whole area for yourself only, including the changing room and toilet. You will only meet the people who come with you ;-) There are 2-hour breaks for cleaning between the individual bookings, which means that you will not meet any other guests.
  • Cleanliness is our priority. 
    After each booking, complete cleaning and disinfection of the area and technologies are the standard. 
  • Newly run clean water in the baths for each booking. 
    No over-chlorinated water circulates in our hydromassage baths. The bath with the volume of 300 l is filled with new water for each booking! In our place, you will not share over-chlorinated water with many visitors who came before you.
  • Towel, bath towel, sheet, bathrobe, blanket, disposable wellness slippers and essential cosmetics for everyone are included in the price.
    The items for which you have to pay extra in other establishments will be provided to you in our place free of charge as a part of your booking. 
    For each guest, we have prepared a towel, bath towel, bath robe, sauna sheet, disposable slippers and blanket. Basic toiletries are provided as a matter of course. 
  • We use only 100% natural pure essential oils.
    Only 100% pure essential oils are used in the sauna, steam and, at request, hydromassage baths. 
  • Reserved parking right in front of the house included in the price. 
    No need to waste your time looking for a free parking space. From our parking space, takes only five steps to reach our door.
  • Basic refreshments included in the price.
    The fluid intake must not be underestimated. In our centre, the basic price includes water with citruses and herbs and a selection of teas. Of course, you can also choose refreshments for an additional fee. 
  • Hydromassage baths with relaxation programmes, lymphatic massage and the technology of the “Milk bath”: Milk O2
    Everyone will surely find something to their taste. Would you like to try lymphatic massage, or a sportier relaxation programme or will you just be pampered by millions of soft bubbles on your skin? 
  • Smart scenic colour therapy throughout the area.
    The entire wellness area is equipped with smart scenic chromotherapy. You can follow your wishes and control the individual light scenes by turning the “magic cube” :-)
    For example, why not be transported to the Dubai desert at sunset, or experience the Northern Lights or admire the lights of Singapore skyscrapers in Marina Bay. There are as many as 12 different light scenes available. And other improvements for you are under way ;-)
  • Superior materials, technology and sophisticated design.
    Just like in a five-star hotel, we took care to choose the right design, quality materials and cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall experience.