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Private wellness rental pricelist

How it works

The area of the private wellness centre functions as one unit, which means that the rental always applies to the whole area with all technologies, which are at your disposal only, including the changing room and the toilet.

The rental price includes: the Finnish sauna, steam cabin, 1 hydromassage / bubble / Milk O2 bath for two persons, with chromotherapy, extra hydromassage / bubble bath for two persons with chromotherapy for an additional fee, 4 lounges, thermostatically regulated cooling/warming mist, 2 showers with hand-held and rain shower head, Smart Chromotherapy in the whole area, sound system, wi-fi connection. 

Guests are asked not to bring their own towels, sheets or bathrobes. We will provide you with everything ;-) As a part of the rental price, each guest will be loaned: a soft velour bathrobe, towel, large bath towel, sauna sheet, wellness blanket, pair of wellness disposable slippers. In addition, the rental price includes soap, shower gel / shampoo, make-up remover, body cream and hair dryer.

A free “Basic” refreshment package is provided free of charge as a part of the rental price; other refreshment packages are available for an additional fee; please see the pricelist below.

Currently, we only accept payment in cash on site or by bank transfer in advance.

Wellness rental pricelist

  price of private wellness rental
Service price for
1-2 persons
price for
3 persons
price for
4 persons
additional fee
for 5th or 6th person
Privat wellness rental for 2 hours

CZK 2 900
(Ø 725.00 / person per hour)

CZK 3 600
(Ø 600.00 / person per hour)
CZK 4 300
(Ø 538.00 / person per hour)
CZK 700
Privat wellness rental for 3 hours CZK 3 300
(Ø 550.00 / person per hour)
CZK 4 100
(Ø 455.00  / person per hour)
CZK 4 900
(Ø 408.00 / person per hour)
CZK 800
Privat wellness rental for 4 hours CZK 4 100
(Ø 512.00 / person per hour)
CZK 5 000
(Ø 416.00 / person per hour)
CZK 5 800
(Ø 362.00 / person per hour)
CZK 900
Privat wellness rental for more than 4 hours at request at request at request  at request
Additional fee for extra hydromassage / bubble bath  CZK 150 free of charge free of charge free of charge

All prices are quoted in CZK and inclusive of VAT.

Refreshment packages for an additional fee 

  • Refreshment package Basic (free of charge, including in the rental price): jug with citruses and herbs (min. 0.5l per person), selection of teas 
  • Refreshment package Standard ALCOHOLIC DRINKS (for 2 persons): refreshment Basic + for everyone: Bohemia sparkling wine 200ml + fruit salad
  • Refreshment package Standard SOFT DRINKS (for 2 persons): refreshment Basic + for everyone: fruit salad + fruit juice 100% 330ml
  • Refreshment package Premium (for 2 persons): refreshment Basic + Bohemia sparkling wine 750ml + for everyone: fruit salad and fruit juice 100% 330ml
  • Refreshment package Premium Plus (for 2 persons): refreshment Basic + Champagne Moët&Chandon Nectar Impérial 750ml + for everyone: fruit salad and fruit juice 100% 330ml
Refreshment package price per piece
Refreshment package Basic free of charge
Refreshment package Standard (for 2 persons) CZK 250
Refreshment package Premium (for 2 persons) CZK 450
Refreshment package Premium Plus (for 2 persons) CZK 1 600

All prices are quoted in CZK and inclusive of VAT.

Depending on availability, other refreshment can be purchased from the reception (smoothie, soft or alcoholic drinks). If you wish to have fruit salad, please let us know at least one day in advance.

Basic rules

  • Minimum rental period is 2 hours.
  • Maximum capacity is 4 persons, or in individual cases, as many as 6 persons can be allowed by agreement. 
  • Unless otherwise agreed on a case-by-case basis, only adults are allowed in the wellness centre, and minors from 12 years of age can come only if accompanied by a parent or a legal representative. 
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotic or psychotropic substances will not be let in. The operator reserves the right to refuse entry to persons who are found to be in an ineligible condition, without any compensation for the price of the rental. 
  • It is prohibited to bring your own drinks or food to the wellness centre! 

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