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Shower and cooling zone, experience-packed mist

Shower and cooling zone, experience-packed mist

In the wellness area, guests have at their disposal a shower zone. Guests can therefore use two rain showers, with classic hand-held showers, for both personal hygiene and also for cooling after a sauna session, as appropriate.
Hardy souls or seasoned cold-water swimmers can use a cooling bucket filled with cold water. 

The shower zone is also equipped with special “experience-packed” mist. The temperature of the water mist can be controlled by a thermostatic tap. This option is therefore ideal for the gentle gender or more sensitive male natures, for an enjoyable cool down after sauna. The cold-water mist will pleasantly wrap you in and you will cool down effectively and completely, while the temperature shock is minimized ;-)

The experience mist can also be switched to warm water, when, in a blink of an eye, the cooling mist will turn into warming and relaxation mist. This is another feature that will be appreciated by women especially. Obviously, men are also welcome to have their well-developed bodies warm up by the pleasant water mist, for example, when their partner is having a sauna and cannot see them :-)