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Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna


Along with chromotherapy, hot air suffused with the scent of wood, pure essential oils, enriched with salt minerals thanks to salt crystals, will thoroughly regenerate your body and mind. The alternation of deep warming and icy cooling has a positive influence on your metabolism and the mind alike. Treat yourself to a Finnish sauna to regenerate after sports, to prevent viral infections or delay skin aging. Regular sauna sessions will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, support muscle regeneration, eliminate harmful substances and cholesterol from your body (and, yes, sauna is a cellulite fighter too). You will feel happy and relaxed thanks to the endorphins released.


Now for a bit of history. The word “sauna” originated in Finland and stands for a room used for warming the body. Sauna bathing is a relaxation method that has a beneficial impact not only on the mind but also on immunity; sauna supports the cardiovascular systems and contributes to the detoxication of the body. This may come as a surprise, but sauna bathing is not a modern trend of the past decades. The earliest saunas were in fact holes in the ground, where red-hot stones were placed, and their findings may be old as many as 10 thousand years. Most findings come from Northern Europe, but saunas were also used by the Japanese to treat skin diseases, post-traumatic conditions or rheumatism.


Effects of sauna cannot be summed up in one sentence only. Sauna has complex and positive effects on the human body. 

Sauna relaxes and relieves tension, reduces anxiety and aggressivity while stimulating at the same time. A sauna session will release endorphins, the hormone of happiness, which encourages a good mood. This is one of the reasons why sauna bathing has a substantial impact on the neurovegetative system: after sauna, sauna bathers sleep well, are relieved of migraine pain, feel refreshed and calm, previous excitement subsides, anxiety feelings, nervousness, restlessness and a lack of appetite withdraw. 

Regarding the skin - thanks to the increased blood circulation and blood supply, the skin firms up, cellulite is reduced and also hair roots get better nourishment. It is of little surprise that sauna becomes increasingly popular with women.

Sauna can help improve chronic inflammation of the gallbladder, pancreas, small and large intestines and to a certain extent, it will have a positive effect on the development of ulcer disease, mainly in its early stage. Sauna will alleviate problems connected with arthritis and rheumatism.

Regular use of sauna will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, speed up regeneration after sports and support the growth of muscles, eliminate harmful substances and cholesterol from the body, and thanks to the happiness hormones released, we feel happy and relaxed. If the sauna cycle (warming up and cooling) is repeated several times (four or five times), we feel more tired, and problems associated with sleeping will recede. 

The body is more alert and more resistant to common infections and cold. In addition, allergy symptoms will be pushed to the minor side. As the smooth muscles are relaxed, mucus is released faster and breathing improves. Sauna sessions are recommended for people suffering from asthma or chronic bronchitis

One of the unique benefits of regular sauna use is undoubtedly the faster post-traumatic rehabilitation, also rehabilitation of herniated discs and injuries of tendons and muscles.  


Are you a fan of salt caves and their benefits? The sauna in our private wellness centre combines sauna bathing and effects of salt inhalation. The sauna cabin is enriched with salt in a form of a large salt crystal, placed under the bench. By the heat action, minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine and bromine, are released from the salt into the air, which is then inhaled by sauna users.  


A sauna session should consist of four stages - preparation, warming, cooling, finish
Before entering the warming room, hygienic preparation is a must - go to the toilet, undress naked, have a shower and wash with soap. Apart from purely hygienic reasons, this procedure is important also for the removal of sebum plugs at sweat glands, which will make the subsequent sweating easier. Do not forget to dry yourself thoroughly after the shower - water will cool your skin down: if you enter the sauna with wet skin, the sauna effect will be delayed.  

During the warming phase, blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles is increased. The skin temperature is as high as 42 °C, the temperature of the body core rises by one or two degrees. In the attempt to get rid of the undesired heat, the body transfers this excess to the skin and lungs, where, due to the heat, the blood vessels dilate and the blood flows through the skin and lungs increases. Obviously, the important factors in this procedure include the skin surface and size of our insulation - fat. Small individuals and children will warm up faster, while obese people will need a few minutes longer to attain the same effect. 

Understandably, we also start to sweat, which is another way of thermoregulation. Sweat contains an increased amount of sodium chloride and an increased amount of water from intercellular spaces - this is an explanation why sauna helps reduce swelling.

The cooling phase itself can be done in several ways - the gentlest form is water mist: tiny droplets of water will cool you down, and unlike a shower, will not cause such a shock as under a cold shower. 

The cooling procedure most commonly associated with the Finnish sauna is pouring cold water from a wooden bucket. On cooling, the cardiovascular system will fast return to the normal state, sweating stops and a feeling of freshness sets in.

The number of repetitions of warming and subsequent cooling determines the overall effect of sauna. Most often, at least three cycles are recommended. Finally, after the last cooling, a shower should be taken to wash off any residues of dirt, and, as the last step, at least a short relaxation period should follow.  

If the feeling of warming up has worn off, get dressed or wrap up in a blanket. Fluids should be replenished - a considerable quantity of water, in addition to minerals and vitamin C, has been lost during your stay in sauna. The most suitable drinks include mineral water, fruit water, juices or herbal teas.