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Steam cabin

Steam cabin

Principles and effects of the steam cabin

The steam cabin or steam bath has been with us since the Ancient Rome. From Rome, it spread to the Arab countries, where it experienced the greatest boom. Its arrival in Europe probably dates back to the Middle Ages, and allegedly, the steam bath is where the European wellness began.

A steam cabin is a brick room with a steam generator that injects hot steam to the cabin. In our private wellness centre, hot steam is enriched with 100% natural essential oils. In the room, there is 100% humidity and temperature hovers at 40 °C. This distinguishes the steam cabin from classic sauna, where the temperature is high and humidity lower.   
It is due to the dry air that classic sauna may not be suitable for everyone, and these people might therefore prefer a steam cabin. A steam cabin is appreciated especially be people who suffer from asthma, breathing problems, and it might also be preferred by children. 

The combination of humidity and heat brings with it many beneficial effects. Very often, a steam bath forms a part of procedures used in spas. A steam cabin helps both the body and soul. The body will warm up, the cardiovascular system expands, blood is pumped into the extremities, the tissue is supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. Muscles relax and stiffness of joints decreases, inflammations and swellings are reduced. 

A steam bath is an excellent healer of the skin. A steam bath, thanks to its high humidity, hydrates the skin, opens the pores, and harmful substances are eliminated. A steam bath relieves stress - you will get rid of tension and the quality of sleep will improve. Through a regular use of a steam cabin regularly, your body will get healthier and more resistant to colds, flu and respiratory infections, your skin will be more supple and nourished and your mind relaxed. 

How to use a steam cabin correctly?

The recommended length of stay in a steam cabin is 15 minutes, and the next step is proper cooling. To cool down, you can use the cooling bucket, shower or water mist. Relax for a short period of time after the cooling, and then repeat the procedure at least three times, but you should always listen to your body and your feelings.